Diabetes Total Control

Diabetes should be controlled round the clock

Written by Dr Rajesh Kesari MD


Diabetes control means more than just controlling Blood Glucose.

High blood glucose is just one part of the story of Diabetes. Diabetes is caused by relative deficiency of Insulin, usually in type II Diabetics more ochecking blood sugarf insulin is being secreted but its still ineffective in bringing down blood glucose levels, while its other effects like those on deposition and accumulation of fat may still be persistent.

Blood Sugar (Glucose)

Studies like UKPDS and DCCT have shown that only controlling blood glucose levels may not be sufficient to stop or delay complications of Diabetes, specially those related to Heart and blood vessels (Heart Attack & Stroke) may occur in well controlled Diabetics.

Hence the approach to management of Diabetes should be comprehensive and all inclusive.

Cholesterols & Lipids

Decreasing the cholesterol ( specially the non HDL part of it) has been shown to decrease Heart and Blood vessels related complications.


Weight (loss) is an important factor as overweight Diabetics tend to have more complications. Losing weight has extremely beneficial effects on Diabetes- which cannot be replaced by any medications.

Controlling one Helps others

All these factors are important and interelated- normal Blood Sugar would lead to decreased Triglycerides whereas Normal or decreased weight would normalize Blood Sugar, Lipids ( Cholesterol) and Blood Pressure.