We understand that not everyone having access to this website may find it possible to visit our centre. Even though our Diabetologist Dr Rajesh Kesari always insists that patients visit the centre and be examined in person, at times understanding the constraints of time and distance opinion about treatment may be decided based on the reports and complaints together with the relevant history.

In order to avail of this facility we need some essential details from you. 

Step 1 payment:

Please make the payment of  Rs 1000/- in the below mentioned account of HDFC bank an send a scanned copy of the payment slip / or transaction receipt to info@diabetestotalcontrol.com.

Account No.:00887930000053
IFSC Code: HDFC 000088
Ansals Fortune Arcade, K-Block, Sec-18 NOIDA, NOIDA 201301- Uttar Pradesh

Step 2- Registration & Patient Details:

Register yourself on the website then, Click this button to open the Pre Consultation formfill this form


Important: Please also attach any other recent reports that you have with you for better analysis and mail to info@diabetestotalcontrol.com

The form essentially contains the following questions

Essential Details:

  Age: Sex:

Recently Measured: BP, Pulse rate, height, weight:
Blood Sugar F and PP, HbA1C would be preferable:

Family History:

Wether any of the Blood relations ( Father, Mother, Brother, Sisters, Uncles, Aunts or Grandparents) have suffered from

Heart Disease:
Stroke / Paralysis
Kidney Disease


Personal History of the patient

Any History of Tobacco use ( Smoking, Chewing )
Alcohol Use

Any other major illness- taking regular medication for any purpose, ever hospitalized:

Any known problems due to Diabetes  ( Like heart Attack, Angioplasty, Bypass, Foot ulcer / Amputatio, Retinopathy- Laser or Injections, Kidney Problems- Dialysis or Transplant):

Complaints / Problems faced by the patient:

Specially those related to

Feet / legs / Soles / Walking / Balance ( Burning, Tingling, Cramps or pain)
Heaviness in Chest – specially on walking or after eating
Problems in passing urine, frequently or with pressure
Constipation or Loose motions
Eye problems / Blurring of vision
Any infections / itching specially in the private parts

Mood disorder  / Depression

Any Sexual problems

Current Medication:

Does the patient

Take medicines regularly
Control Diet Strictly
Does exercise / walking daily


Based on these facts an opinion with recommendations would be mailed to you within 1 working day and the case may be discussed on phone or through other means .