Weight Loss

Written by Dr Rajesh Kesari MD   

Loose Weight - Control Diabetes

Loosing weight is always good for Diabetics, specially if they are overweight. Most of the Diabetics in this world are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and are overweight.

The harmful weight gain is due to excessive fats deposited in our body- specially in the belly. Fat is a wonderful store of energy but needs to expended, not accumulated.

Spend more- Save Less ( Fat - not money!!!)

Weight can be lost by consuming lesser calories- which turn into fat for storage. This does not necessarily mean eat nothing or eating less- its more important to eat differently. Take foods which give you lesser calories & are absorbed slowly (Low Glycemic Index) and high fibre content. This not only reduces weight but also controls Blood Glucose level, normalizes Blood Sugar and gives rest to Pancreas .

Million Dollar question - What to eat?

Understand and loose (Weight-not Dollars)-

Make the right choice for filling your stomach. Do'nt go hungry, eat but wisely.

Bank on Salads

Green vegetables and Fruits to fill your tummy, once you feel full then only start the business of eating.

Cucumber ( Kheera), Tomato, Radish (Mooli), Green Salad Leaves ( Lettuce), Kakdi etc - Include fruits as well- any fruit which is available in the season, for that matter. Try different combinations - chose the ones which you like.

More Tips for Diabetic Diet


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Weight Loss
Written by Dr Rajesh Kesari MD   

Controlling weight is one of the most effective and important strategies in total control of Diabetes.

Most of the Type II Diabetics are overweight. 

The excess weight in diabetics is due to deposition of fat inside the belly. This intraabdominal fat does more harm to the process of insulin prodution and secretion, it also increases amounts of cholesterol and othes intraabdominal fat as weller harmful fats circulating in a diabetics blood stream.

Excessive intraabdominal fat causes insulin resistance, that is our body and its cells are becoming resistant to actions of insulin and require more and more of it to do the same work of lowering blood glucose. Slowly and steadily pancreas have to secrete more and more insulin, when it can no longer keep up with the increased requirements of insulin, blood glucose starts rising and full blown Diabetes develops.

Decreasing body weight- decreases insulin resistance and insulin attains its earlier glory- it again becomes effective.