Sugar Control

Complications of Diabetes

Written by Dr Rajesh Kesari MD   

Controlling Blood Glucose level is the key to a Happy and event free life in all Diabetics.
High Blood Sugar - as often Diabetes is denoted in common parlance causes irreversible damage to cells and proteins in the body. As if the whole body is dipped in a syrup- our own body turns into sweet meat for complications to chew on. Body becomes more prone to infections - glucose is adored by many bacterias as food, immune system becomes weak. Arteries may get clogged due to plaques of atherosclerosis at an early age and may lead to Heart attack and stroke. More than 50% diabetics die due to these complications rather than their natural death.
Suggested Blood Glucose levels 

Time of day
Blood Glucose levels 

 Fasting (morning)
 less than 120 mg/dl

 Post Prandial ( 2 hrs post meal)
less than 140 mg/dl 

 Random (any time of day)
less than 200 mg/dl 

Control over blood glucose levels improves all aspects of life of Diabetics; better mood, sense of security and control over disease- all these contribute to the well being and keep complications at bay.

Check Blood Sugar regularly- this helps in monitoring and you know where you stand.
Take your medicines regularly- don't miss a single dose, always keep sufficient medicines in stock
Walk or exercise regularly, very important for controlling your Blood sugar levels
Watch the food you eat- all glucose enters your body through food, eat only that you consume.