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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12  (Methylcobalamin or Cyanocobalamin)

Effects of Vitamin B 12

Vitamin B12 has multiple effects in the body- mainly related to cell duplication and growth, formation of myelin sheath on nerve

fibres ( which help in transmission of nerve signals), regulation of homocysteine levels in blood.

Symptoms of Deficiency

Deficiency of Methylcobalamin or cyanocobalamin- source of Vitamin B12 may lead to peripheral neuropathy and anemia, low levels of

homocysteine- predisposing Diabetics to Stroke and Heart attacks, it may manifest as depression and fatigue as well.

Causes and  Treatment of deficiency

Deficiency of this Vitamin may be caused due to some commonly used medicine for treatment of Diabetes-Metformin. Other important

causes could be reduced intake in food, liver disease, excessive alcohol intake, Gastritis or prolonged treatment with Antacids.

Dietary Source of Vit B12

Appropriate quantities of this should be taken with food. Food products rich in this vitamin are - Meat, specially goat liver,

eggs, milk and milk products, fish, molluscs. If required Tablets and injections of vit B12 can also be taken, but only under the

supervision of your doctor. Excessive intake of this vitamin is also not recommended as it can result in toxicity and cause

diseases of the nervous system.

IMPORTANT for Diabetics..

Vitamin B12 is present only in foods of animal origin like Milk & Dairy products, Liver, meat, fish and poultry. These foods may potentially be harmful for Diabetics if consumed in uncontrolled portions. Most of these products contain invisible fats which are high in Saturated fats. If you are a vegetarian prefer only toned or low fat milk and its products, if non vegetarian please adhere to the portions as advised by your doctor or dietician.

Importance in Diabetes

Vit B12 is used for the treatment of peripheral and other Diabetic Neuropathies. It may be taken as injections, Tablets or

capsules and mat be required over a long period of time.

National Institute of Health Fact sheet on Vit B12



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