Diabetes & Sex

Diabetes may cause Impotence


Diabetes can adversely affect the sexual ability of both men and women- causing impotence or Erectile Dysfunction ( EDF ) in men.impotence in diabetes

Long standing high blood glucose due to Diabetes adversely affects the nerves, they lose their ability to properly conduct nerve signals. In a complication of Diabetes called Diabetic autonomic neuropathy, this may happen to nerves supplying the blood vessels of the male sexual organ - penis, hence even after appropriate sexual stimulation the corpus callosum ( a spongy area inside the penis which gets filled up with blood and causes erection ) does not adequately get filled up and erection does not take place- leading to impotence.

Approximately 50% of men with long standing Diabetes also have Erectile dysfunction ( impotence). In case of any such complaints efforts should be made to strictly control Blood Sugar levels and take appropriate Diabetes treatment .

Comprehensive Diabetes treatment involves identification and treatment of erectile Dysfunction early in the course of disease- as it may adversely affect the self confidence and relationships in the family- all worsening Diabetes control and aggravating problems.

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A frequent complication of diabetes in both men and women is infections of the genital organs. Due to poor local immunity, uncommon fungal infections may infest vagina and become difficult to treat with conventional therapy, this results in various types of fowl smelling, unpleasent discharge as well as persistent itching in the vagina- in females.


Males may have infections of the foreskin as well as  the sensitive areas of penis, this may cause discharge and pain in the sensitive male organ, adversely affecting the sexual capability. Diabetes may be the cause of Chronic infections of the penis and its foreskin-called - balanitis or balanoposthitis, which may be due to fungus, virus or bacterias; these may have been caused due to an affected partner as well.

Erectile dysfunction in men due to diabetes is often undiagnosed and left untreated. This becomes a major cause of depression in diabetes, leading to a setback in personal lives and affecting blood sugar control as well.

Heres the story of a Diabetic patient whose life was ruined because of Erectile Dysfunction in his own words...

My name is P. Kumar, Age 40 Years. I got married in Oct 2013. In the very first night of our sexual relationship, I could not satisfy my wife. I thought that due to the tiredness and secretion it happened. But rest times same they happened. I again thought the same thing and I started taking energetic food to be energetic. But my this action west in vain. I was struggling continuously with this problem. My wife started quarrelling with me. She even abused me and asked for the divorce. I was in very tension. So, I thought that I should consult a doctor for the treatment. I discussed these happening with one of my friends, He suggested me to consult a sexologist and taken medicine after all the test he suggested. After completion of course the doctor told there is no any fault in you, you are 100% sexually fit and now you can satisfy your partner. By listening to his comments, I become very happy and come home in very good mood. But the same thing happened, I tried next day to set successes in the sexual relationship. But again the same result. Then I thought I should consult my family doctor and to share to her. So next day I consulted my family doctor. He suggested some test and after that he gave me some injection followed by oral medicine for almost one month. After a month he told me that now you will be ok in all the way. Again I become very good. But the result was almost the same. There were slightly improvement in the sexual relationship but still my wife was not satisfied. She again started abusing me and asking for the divorce. I considered her thought and feeling and decided that I should not disturb any one’s life and should give divorce to her. I was looking for an opportunity to give her divorce same her life.

But suddenly a volcano come in my life. I was going to meet one of my friend leaving very near to my home. I read a display it was a diabetes care centre. In the board a lot of problems were written including sexual relationship due to the diabetes. So, suddenly it strikes in my mind. That I may suffered from diabetes. Since my Nana, Mama, Mausi ( maternal grandparents & Aunt)  and mother have diabetes and they were taking medicine. I was aware that diabetes is hereditary disease.

So, again I read the display board once again and discusses with the medical staff posted over there.

After a long discussion with the medical staff, I was very much sure that it may be one of my reason of failure. I decided to meet Dr. Rajesh Kesari. Who is the consultation of this clinic. I took appointment from Dr. Rajesh Kesari one of the and met him in his Ashok Nagar, Delhi clinic.

I told everything very clearly to him. Did not hide anything because I was aware, if I will hide anything then I cannot set proper treatment.

Dr. Rajesh kesari Diabetologist in Delhi gave me proper attention and tested few Parameters as per his discussion. After the test result he gave me medicine and gave a proper diet chart. I took proper medicine & followed the diet chart suggested by Dr. Rajesh kesari After a month  of treatment I felt 25% improvement in my sexual relationship. After a month I meet to Dr. Rajesh kesari and shared my experience. He was also very happy to see improvement on me. He gave me some other medicine also to improve my overall performance and to leave a healthy life.

I followed his suggestions/ medicine/ diet chart etc. for another one month. Now I was feeling very much pleased and was able to satisfy my wife very well. Now my married life is going very well and gave birth to a baby girl who is very healthy.

Still now I am taking all the medicine and following his diet chart and enjoying my life very happily.

Thanks to Diabetologist in Delhi & Indirapuram Dr. Rajesh kesari to helped me in controlling Diabetes and restoring my married life.